some features I want in Nimbus Note

The CEO of NimbusNote sent mail to me "something is wrong?". So I compared to Obsidian, RoamResearch, and Notion.
Nimbus Note is a good app, but lack of some features...


I want to know where notes linked to opened note, like RoamResearch and Obsidian.

link another note with double brackets.

RoamResearch, Obsidian, and Notion can link another-note with [[ ]].
But Nimbus note cannot use [[ ]]. (need to @another-note)


In android app, smartphone vibrates with pressing text.
It is noisy, so I want to disalbe vibration feature.


In RoamResearch, once add to favorite, it shows in sidebar.(also Notion). So we can open one click.
But nimbus note's favorite feature is like folder and it is need to two clicks to open.

Sugget realtime

RoamResearch, Obsidian and Notion display search result during typing.
But NImbus note cannot display result. It is need to type enter.


I think that Nimbus note is good app, but lack of features I want.