alt-f2 on linux mint cinnamon

In GNOME 3, we push alt+f2 and then open prompt.
we can launch application from this in linux mint cinnamon 19.
I examined this function and wrote summary in this article.

Can launch

This function can launch gui application.
For example,
nemo : launch file manager.
gnome-calculator : launch calculator.
xed : launch text editor.
gnome-terminal : launch terminal.

Cannot launch

This function cannot cui function like vi, bash, echo.


I tried to launch application in some directory.
And I can launch /usr/bin, /usr/local/bin.
I cannot launch /bin, /home/myuser.
But I can launch /bin/xxx by entering fullpath.

Especially command

r : restart cinnamon.
lg : launch melange - cinnamon debugger.


we don't need to search launch application if we know this function.
Someday I will learn more with source code in github.
And if I find Easter egg, I will append it.