the best presentation software in 2018.

If you asked about major presentation software, you may think powerpoint, keynote and so on.
But in 2018, there are many softwares in the internet.
so, I picked up several presentation softwares.



Prezi is very famous software and you may look at or use this.
we make huge canvas and we presents zooming one.

So, this is useful realizing overall images.
However, Prezi uses Flash and I think it will be come end of life someday.

Prezi demo

Official site


Sozi is the tool that zoom in, zoom out, and rotate svg image.
This is not saas, and we can use it by download.
Therefore, we can use it offline.



impress.js is alike Prezi.
(I think impress.js is more standing out over Prezi)
impress.js is OSS, so you need to technical skill, but you can use in secure environment.


FIY, comparing Prezi between impress.js.

reveal.js / SLIDES

This is very cool! This slides makes us impact because suddenly the direction of slides changes horizontal to vertical.
reveal.js is like a framework and SLIDES is the tool of making html of reveal.js in the cloud.
I want to use someday.

However, the ui of this is hard to realize.
this is like a wysiwyg editor so it makes us hard to cordinate line height.



MetaMoJi Note


Some days ago, it is called NoteAnyTime.
This is made for tablet or smartphone.
we can paint directly in pdf canvas.
So, during presentation, we can paint.

MetaMoJi Note


I think that this is the tool for designer, but we are able to make the presentation with this.
It is for cool, beautiful or rich design presentation.
And it is not for only letters.

we can use it for multiple language.



It is very very cool.
The function of this is the highest.
Maybe it makes us so long time, it is great software.



We can use markdown for creating slide.
It is very simple. But it may be sufficient for creating presentation.

It is made with electron, so we can use any os.



The UI of this is like adobe. So cool.
Watching the video, I think it has many functions.
It is suite for exhibition.
I think cool that the company which is using vimeo.



I introduced some software. However, it is dependent on talk, content, and situation.
The good presentation software is not make the good presentation.